I made it into the local paper!

I made it into the local paper!

I graduated from Moorpark College in 2017 with the goal of becoming a biotechnology technician. I was top of my class in all biotech specialty classes and even worked the lab prepping for the labs I would be doing in class. I was passionate about research and put everything I had into it. Through this I made many friends and rekindled childhood friends. 

Fast forward to now when I am a sustainability advocate making upcycled jewelry, I was honored when an old friend of mine, Ali, who writes for my alma mater wanted to write an article about me! I was so excited to show people in college that you should pursue your passion, even if it changes over the course of your life. Especially at a community college where classes aren’t too expensive and you can get a high quality education, you should explore many paths and find what you love. It’s never too late to pursue new things, or even go back to school!

I am honored to be in this paper and am excited to hopefully inspire others to follow their passions. 

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