The view of Alissa’s trunk of their car with market supplies such as tables, a pop up, and a pack and play for her baby.

Pop Up Market Essentials

Vending at a pop up market? Here are some essentials that have saved me from disaster!

I usually vend in 10x10 spaces so here’s what I use:

Large Essentials

  • 10x10 pop up
  • Weights - I use water filled weights on EACH post
  • 3ft bungee cords to attach the weights to the pop up - this has SAVED ME from crazy wind gusts on the harbor that has taken out pop ups next to me!!
  • Three tables - two large for my set up and one small one for me to work on (I like to bead while at events)
  • Table cloths for each table - I use recycled bed sheets that have holes and tears that I fixed up
  • Binder clips or similar to hold down the table cloth - I gather corners and clip them so the table cloth is tight around the table at the corners
  • Folding chairs - I bring two for myself and husband
  • Folding cart - to bring everything to my set up location as sometimes your spot is far from where you can park so this helps with carrying smaller items
  • Duct tape - you never know what can go wrong and a little bit of tape is always good to have on hand!

Recommended Optionals

  • Hanging decor - make your space welcoming! I use seasonal decor hanging from my pop up to utilize my vertical space
  • Table decor - get creative with your set up! Create levels with boxes or shelves, or like me with a peg board!
  • Sweatshirt or jacket in case the weather changes
  • Water and snacks for those long events
  • Extra business cards - you can never have too many!
  • Phone charger and external battery 
  • Water bowl for customers pups! It’s a great way to get people to stop and look at your booth (you can even keep treats but always ask before giving a dog a treat!!)
  • Scissors - somehow someone ALWAYS needs them!

Extra tips

  • Make sure all of your props are weighed down, whether by tape, heavy objects, etc.
  • Think ahead about problems you may face in the market location such as weather
  • Make your space inviting and try to stay off your phone while people are there
  • Have your socials easily available! A QR code is perfect to get those online or repeat customers
  • A good attitude and flexibility! Things are always changing and you’ll face challenges you never thought of, but that will help you prepare for the next event!

Now these are just what I use/bring as well as my display. Make sure to bring things you may want or need too and remember this is not a rule book, just a way to get ideas flowing of what you make want/need. 

Have fun and happy vending!



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