What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

As businesses strive to be more sustainable, becoming “carbon neutral” is one of the first steps but what does that even mean? When shipping, carbon is emitted from shipping trucks, planes, and boats that carry your packages. This is damaging to our environment! To combat this, companies are funding carbon offsetting projects and partners, thus “buying” carbon removal. This helps to negate the emissions created to make their carbon footprint zero. This is different than carbon negative.

Carbon negative means that a company or business is taking more carbon emissions out of the environment than they produce.

That’s us!

 Not only do we balance the carbon emissions released by shipping, but we are now investing money into extra carbon removal to become carbon negative. This is in combination with the many other ways The Eco Jeweler commits to being sustainable:

  • Utilizing secondhand materials
  • Fixing broken jewelry and tools instead of buying new (even if that means a lot of duct tape)
  • Cleaning and reusing fishing line found on local beaches
  • Doing beach clean ups regularly to remove trash from our waterways and shorelines 
  • Using a thermal printer to prevent ink cartridge waste
  • Packaging is either reused or made of post consumer recycled materials (meaning it was used by people before made into a new product)
  • Rather than drive to the post office (boxes don’t fit in our mailbox) I hand packages directly to my mail man

When shopping, think about how the company you are supporting impacts our environment and what/if they are doing to improve. Your money speaks!


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