2024: Year of the Rebrand

2024: Year of the Rebrand

When I started AlissaBrynDesign, I had no idea what I was doing starting a business from nothing. I have evolved and grown and I think it’s time for a little *new year new me* action, starting with our name. It is just a combination of my name. Easy. But hard to pronounce and google and doesn’t tell you anything about myself or what I do. So, from now on, my little handmade sustainable business will be known as…..


It encompasses who I am and my business in a very simple straightforward way. Please stick with me while things change a bit and I get everything changed. 

With this new year new me era, the website will be changing a bit too, but nothing to be scared of! Just a bit of reorganizing and cleaning up needs to be done. 

Thank you for all your love and support of this big change!


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