Behind the Photos: Product Photography using Unusual Household Items

Behind the Photos: Product Photography using Unusual Household Items

When I was in high school, I was an aspiring photographer. I took all the classes, even photographed for a few weddings and other events. I got accepted into my dream art schools in Los Angeles but couldn't afford it. As I went back to school I decided I would continue doing photography as a hobby and I am so glad I did. Now I am able to include my passion for photography into my business! I have become very experienced in how to take professional looking product photos with very unusual materials you may have around the house!

I have changed my aesthetic of my photographs many times with a LOT of tail and error. I will say my first photos are embarrassing but everyone starts somewhere! Over the years I have landed on white background on a mirror. This unique set up can be done by just about anyone with things you already have! All you need is a laptop, phone camera, and a small/medium mirror that will fit on the laptop keyboard. This works best for smaller items like jewelry, pins, keychains, etc.

Put the brightness of the laptop on max and open a blank note or word document. Place the mirror on the keyboard and lower the screen so the mirror is reflecting the white background. From there place your item on the mirror and use your phone to photograph! 


As far as editing, I first adjust basics through my iPhone photos app. The I use a free app called Picsart to adjust further, which you can also use to style and go wild with cool edits, stickers, etc. I mainly stick with basic edits and erasing blemishes like between these two photos. I edited the colors to be closer to true colors while keeping the background bright. Then I used the brush tool to paint over the edges of the mirror that were still showing! 



It is easy to use your phone as your camera, then just get creative with what textures you already have! Try blankets, clothes, scarves, even rugs as backgrounds! If you are more maximalist, incorporate plants, art, vases, and other trinkets you have around the house to add to your photos. 

Experiment with lighting: try outdoors, near a window, even a paper over your flash works wonders! Utilize different times of day, shadows, and even colors of light (can be done in the editing stage). 

Photography is an art, and with that comes experimentation. Try new things until you find what you like and works best for you. It’s easy to get down about not having certain lights or set up or cameras, but with a little time and some practice, you’d be surprised at what beautiful art you can make!

Happy photographing!!


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